Every aspiring rapper worth their mettle in rhymes has dreams of spitting a rhyme impressive enough to elevate their career to the next level and the collaborative minds of HipHopDX and Royce Da 5'9 are making such a dream a possibility.
This Friday, June 24, Nickel Nine is set to grace the stage at Los Globos located at 3040 W Sunset Blvd and he's asking all MC's who think they can wow with the power of their words to step up and take on the #Mean16 challenge.
"Mean 16 is something we developed to help give new artists a platform that wouldn't normally be afforded to them," says Royce. "This serves as a confidence builder. Confidence is key in chasing your dreams. I love seeing and meeting young, hungry, talented artists. I also enjoy sharing the stage with them at my shows. Who knows where and how the next big star in Hip Hop will be revealed? I just hope he or she is on our team... #BadHalf #allindependenteverything #mean16 #Layerstour"
The pre-game event will be streamed live via HipHopDX's one million user strong Facebook page for those individuals who are just as eager as Royce to see what type of talent is being left untapped by the market. Fans who simply wish to attend the show can purchase tickets via this link. Royce is coming off the release of his critically acclaimed album, Layers, which HipHopDX categorized as "an album of tremendous depth and skill."
The official flyer for the #Mean16 competition can be seen below. Best of luck to all the participants.

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