Daylyt has an uncanny ability to capitalize on trending topics, whether they be celebrity deaths, rap beefs or the Internet memes.
The biggest hit on his YouTube channel is an ode to Ronda Rousey’s defeat at UFC 193 by Holly Holm, released hours after the end of the fight. “Kicked the bitch so hard I think that she can smell the nail polish,” he raps on it.
Now the West Coast battle rapper has merged the two biggest topics that have been dominating social feeds for the past few weeks: Black Lives Matter and Pokémon Go.
Daylyt frames the track (called “Pokemon Lives Matter”) around the idea that the immensely popular app is being used as a distraction from the more important issue of police brutality facing Black people in America right now.
“We went from telling all the cops we gonna blast toys, now every nigga tryna cop them a Blastoise,” he raps over the theme from the animated show.
Check out the full song below.