CHICAGO, IL – Part of being a successful R&B artist is maintaining a level of smoothness almost all of the time. But almost all of the time isn’t all of the time.
Chicago singer/producer Jeremih experienced one of those less-than-smooth moments while performing his hit song “Oui” at the 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival in his hometown this past Sunday (July 17).
Jeremih stepped off the stage and onto a set of speakers that, to his surprise, couldn’t hold his weight. He tumbles through a gap between them, hits the ground on his feet, and is right back into the song a second later.
In terms of stage falls, this one measures pretty high on the scale of gracefulness — it’s certainly smoother than Justin Bieber’s recent plunge.
Watch the video below.

Fellow Chicago native Chance The Rapper also joined Jeremih briefly during the performance. The two have worked together previously on Chance’s “Summer Friends” off Coloring Book, as well as on “Somewhere In Paradise.”