LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles area Crips and Bloods signed a cease-fire peace treaty yesterday (July 17).
Shortly after Snoop Dogg and The Game’s peaceful rally to the Los Angeles Police Department, Operation H.U.N.T. (Hate Us Not Today) made another call-to-action for all their local hood gangs to congregate at a South Los Angeles community center, where the Nation of Islam would also be making an appearance represented by Minister Louis Farrakhan.
“On behalf of myself @SnoopDogg, & the honorable @louisfarrakhan I want to extend the invitation to all CRIPS, BLOODS, ESE’s & all other gang members, major figures & GANG LEADERS from every hood in our city as well as the surrounding cities to our meeting,” The Game captioned under the invitation on Instagram.
The topic of discussion during the symposium was how to become better role models for the youth in these neighborhoods and how to make the area a safer place.
They had a great turn-out, with overflow as some attendees who couldn’t get into the center watched the proceedings on a huge screen outside.
“It’s beautiful out here today people & together we are going to makes waves in the direction of saving this city & others from the re-occurring plague of death here & worldwide,” The Game wrote. “Be apart of the solution….. I’ll lead the way.”
Problem was also at the scene as members of the rival gangs took an oath to stop using violence except as a means of self-defense, stop the abuse of women, including the use of “the B word,” and stop the use of drugs “or that which is destructive to my health and well-being.”
Check out The Game’s Instagram posts below.