50 Cent is getting some help paying off his bankruptcy debt after he received $14.5 million in a settlement from his lawyers from a separate case. After the G-Unit boss took his legal team to court claiming malpractice in they way his Sleek Audio lawsuit was handled, the lawyers didn’t want to go to trial and instead agreed to hand over the money, TMZ reports.
50 took his lawyers to court last October, demanding $75 million, saying they advised him that he wouldn’t be sued by Sleek after leaving the company and founding his own SMS Audio.
50 Cent shared an Instagram post — that has since been deleted — after winning the case with a photoshopped image of him sitting on a wallet looking thick as a Bible.
50 Cent lawyers
The headphones company won their lawsuit against 50 two years ago when a judge ruled the mogul pay his former business partner more than $16 million.
The Power producer filed for bankruptcy last July and came to an agreement with his major creditors to pay back $23 million over the next five years, including the money owed to Sleek and $6 million to Lastonia Levistion who sued 50 for defamation after he published a sex tape of her to fuel his beef with Rick Ross, whom she has a child with.