THE INTERNET – The Hampton Inn in Sandy, Utah may have gotten more than it bargained for when it tweeted a joke about J. Cole’s new album 4 Your Eyez Only being boring.
Since the playful Friday tweet, which offered beds for those being “put to sleep” by Cole’s new record, the Hampton Inn Twitter account has been inundated with responses — some of which are playing along, but some of which are dishing out a roasting of their own.
J. Cole hotel tweet 4

Of course, once the hotel’s rap credentials were called into question they slipped up a little and revealed that their taste might be a little more on the Taylor Swift side of things.
J. Cole hotel tweet 3
J. Cole hotel tweet 2
J. Cole hotel tweet 1
Maybe it’s for the best that the Hampton Inn is calling Cole out, though, especially given some of the over-the-top praise that the album received on social media after its release.
They aren’t the only ones poking fun at the North Carolina rapper. Fat Kid Deals made the exact same gag on their own Twitter page, only about pillows.
J. Cole Fat Kid Deals Troll
Somehow, we don’t expect that Cole will respond.