Bill Murray, the actor known for his roles in dozens of movies including Ghostbusters and Lost in Translation (and more recently known for just kind of popping up in strange places), surprised fans when he turned up to a Lupe Fiasco concert in Austin, Texas last night (November 30).
Following Lupe’s show, Murray demanded that the rapper do an encore when the pair met backstage, according to Lupe’s tweets.
Lupe later took to Twitter to react to the night’s events: “When @BillMurray comes to your show in Austin, TX and proceeds to FORCE an encore! (Gave me some amazing words of encouragement)”
Here’s a photo one fan captured of Murray in the crowd:
Bill Murray has long had a connection to the world of Hip Hop. Back in 2011, Questlove recalled a time when Murray randomly turned up to one of his Christmas parties at S.O.B.s in New York.
“Bill Murray has a reputation for just randomly showing up at basement parties in Brooklyn,” Questlove explained. “He came to one of my Christmas parties at S.O.B.s, and Bill Murray was like one of the last nine people left. You know, they play that last song and there’s nine people? ‘I’m looking and thinking, ‘Nah, that’s not him.’ But it was him!”
In addition, Murray appeared alongside RZA and GZA in Jim Jarmusch’s 2003 movie, Coffee and Cigarettes.