Wanna be a sniper? Drake and French Montana have created the ultimate guide for you in the form of the 10 Snipe Commandments.
The list seems to have been part of a birthday gift from Drizzy to French and it shares exactly what to do and not do with women, of course called “tings,” and creates clear boundaries with sexual endeavors deemed “splashes.”
The 10 Snipe Commandments enforce a code of brotherhood  — think “bros before hoes” — and say “Thou shall always be honest with his brother about a splash” as well as “Thou shall always lie to protect a brothers reputation or chance of a splash conversion in the near or distant future.”
Check out the 10 Snipe Commandments here:
The two bruddahs have had their fair share of romantic relationships within the past year with Aubrih rumors abounding and French Montana getting cozy with Iggy Azalea. So we’re sure there’s been plenty of sniper advice exchanged between the two.
Drizzy and French have been homies for a while now and just teamed up for “No Shopping,” a single off the New Yorker’s MC4 mixtape that might or might not have dissed Joe Budden.
But besides that, the Toronto star lent a verse to the Coke Boys leader’s 2012 hit “Pop That” and they both appeared on Rick Ross’s “Stay Schemin’” that same year.