With the football season coming to a close, the race to the NFL playoffs is on. In the midst of the heated competition, Denver Broncos linebacker and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and Washington Redskins star cornerback Josh Norman sat down with DraftKings to talk some rap competition as they name their Top Five rappers.
Among the G.O.A.T.s, according to the two, are the usual suspects TupacThe Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z.
Miller throws Drake into the mix after also paying homage to the Toronto superstar’s mentor, Lil Wayne.
“I like Drake, he’s at least top five,” Miller says.
Norman, hailing from South Carolina, claims that the South needs some love on the list and names Jeezy as one of his favorite rappers.
“That list is tough ’cause you got so many people. He motivated me, so I’m gonna put him in my top five because coming up from Greenwood and my high school, middle school days, Motivation 101 speak to me,” Norman states.
Miller questions his fellow baller at first, then agrees with Norman’s assessment of Jeezy’s impact.
“Especially in college grinding, yeah, Jeezy was a huge influence in my motivation,” he admits.
Watch Von Miller and Josh Norman debate their top five rappers of all time in the video above.