After being falsely imprisoned for 10 days, Atlanta producer Dun Deal (real name David Cunningham) was awarded $300,000 in a settlement he reached with the City of Augusta, Georgia, where he was accused of a jewelry heist. Cunningham, who is best known for his work on Migos’ smash hit “Hannah Montana” and Young Thug’s “Stoner,” was arrested and accused of stealing $80,000 worth of jewelry in Augusta, a crime of which he has now been cleared.
CBS46 News
In 2014, heist suspect Ronnica Westmoreland, who had friended Cunningham on Facebook, told authorities she had rented a getaway car with help from a “Facebook friend named David,” the producer explained in an interview with Atlanta CBS46. Police scoured her friend list and jumped to the conclusion it must be David Cunningham based on photos of him with Birdman, who just happened to be wearing lots of jewelry. They also blatantly lied about having Cunningham’s fingerprints at the crime scene, which was impossible considering Cunningham had never been arrested nor had he ever stepped foot in Augusta.
Wearing Hawaiian shirts, undercover police officers arrested Cunningham at the Dallas airport and subsequently raided his studio, where they put guns in the occupants’ faces, however, his lawyer was able to discover the mistakes in the investigation. The officers who fabricated the lies about having his fingerprints were “disciplined” while another was forced to resign. Cunningham can now celebrate not only his large cash settlement, but also his freedom.
“I really have anxiety when it comes to police,” Cunningham told The FADER. “I’ve just been trying to stay under the radar and not be in the public eye, because you never know what’s going to happen. For this shit to happen out of nowhere, it just makes me think of all the other things that could’ve happened.”