This week in Hip Hop, Erykah Badu reveals how her mom felt about Outkast’s hit “Ms. Jackson” being about her. Elsewhere, 21 Savage lusts publicly for Tyga’s girl Kylie Jenner and Future co-signs. Lastly, J. Cole surprises his loyal fans with a new documentary and music.

How Erykah Badu’s Mom, The Real “Ms. Jackson” Felt

Erykah Badu revealed that her mother was a big fan of the song, “Ms. Jackson,” Outkast had written in her honor. Badu says she went all out to make sure everyone knew that she was the Ms. Jackson.
“How did my mama feel? Baby, she bought herself a Ms. Jackson license plate,” Badu said. “She had the mug, she had the ink pen, she had the headband, everything. That’s who loved it.”
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21 Savage Wants Kylie Jenner

21 Savage has been expressing his love for Tyga’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner recently and when asked about it, he confessed that he wants to “tear that ass up.”
Fellow Atlien Future co-signed 21’s comments by tweeting his approval.
The comments spurred a back and forth between the Slaughter King and T-Raww via social media in what appeared to be threats 21 Savage was sending to Tyga. The Savage Moderapper says those threats were really videos from a long time ago aimed at someone else and that it ain’t that serious.
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J. Cole Drops Surprise “Eyez” Documentary

J. Cole dropped a surprise 40-minute documentary titled Eyez this week ahead of the December 9 release of his forthcoming album 4 Your Eyez Only, which is now available for pre-order.
Of course, the doc is a TIDAL exclusive, but non-subbies can watch it, too.
Within the documentary,  “False Prophets” is a track that was played back and the source of some major controversy. It’s alleged he’s taking shots at Kanye West, Wale and Drake.
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DXclusive: Social Club Misfits & Young L

HipHopDX premiered the first single from Social Club Misfits’ upcoming album The Misadventures of Fern & Marty in the form of “Pop Out Revenge.” The project is slated for a January 13 release and Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett spoke with the crew about what fans should expect from the project.
“It’s traditional sound people have grown to love about us,” FERN said. “It’s a traditional sound that people have grown to love about us. Coming forward with the new album in January, we got a cornucopia of different styles and climates. It’s so grown and we were able to experiment with real music.”
Signing to Capitol Records earlier this year, The Misadventures of Fern & Marty will be their first album on a major label.
Producer and Pink Dolphin co-owner Young L also spoke with DX exclusively and revealed that the success of Lil B sparked major jealousy within The Pack once he became the crew’s breakout star and internet sensation.
“I think when Lil B signed to SODMG, it made it a little more fun competition-wise for everyone,” he said. “When it first happened, I didn’t know how to deal with it because I was in the group at the time and we were trying to push the group. When it first happened, it was a little bit of difficulty seeing eye to eye. Afterward, we just figured out it was a part of the rap game. At a certain point,  I respected it. It just took some time getting used to.”