MIAMI, FL – While taking a stroll through the “Visions of our 44th President” exhibit with BETat the Art Basel international art fair in Miami over the weekend, Harlem spitter Jim Jonestapped into his political side as he offered commentary on president-elect Donald Trump, the Democratic party, and more.
In regards to the Democratic party, Jones offered slight criticism as he touched on Democrats offering “so much assistance.” He went on to explain that with a surplus of assistance courtesy of the Dems, there are those who are provided with handouts.
“I know it’s hard out here, but a lot of people choose to use Democrats as a way out for them being lazy,” Jim Jones said. “‘Cause they offer so much assistance as far as coming up. Even my family had to partake in welfare, but that didn’t stop my grandma from getting up and finally getting job and being able to support her family on her own without the help of public assistance. So yes, there are some unfortunate people out there that are stuck between a rock and a hard place. But for the most part, don’t use the Democrats as a way out.”
With Barack Obama having a month left in the Oval Office and Trump on his way in, Jones expressed his thoughts on the prospects of the country’s future.
“Let’s just hope it continues to flourish and be great,” he said. “Everybody has their own opinion of what the country is and where the country’s at. It depends on where you at in life with yourself, I guess.”
No matter his stance on the two-party system, Jones is still able to appreciate what Obama meant to the country as the first black president. He recalls hearing the news of Obama’s election while rehearsing for his Hip Hop Monologues play, which was co-signed by the New York Times.
“We were in the midst of rehearsal downtown by the village area,” he shares. “It was a big celebration on the street, you’ve got white and black people hugging. It was one of the cooler moments of life that I’ve seen.”
Video of Jim Jones speaking politics with BET is below.