Rich The Kid has sent shots in the direction of older artists who he feels spend too much time criticizing the latest generation of rappers.
Asked by VladTV about older artists who think that what artists like him and Lil Yachty are doing isn’t music, the 24-year-old launched into a pretty stunning rebuttal of that attitude.
“Artists that’s been in the game, they feel intimidated by younger artists coming in the game and taking shit over. They looking at they numbers and asking why is my shit skyrocketing over theirs? They like ‘What’s up, where are these niggas coming from? They come in doing shows and they’re screaming for them now.’ They getting upset, it’s getting ridiculous. It’s the rap game, it’s the rap industry, it’s music. It’s okay.”
That said, Rich does make a plea for unity and showed some appreciation for those who came before him.
“I still listen to older artists too. I still listen to older music … I just feel like everybody should just be together and congratulating and be big upping each other instead of getting in their feelings and being jealous at younger cats,” he explains.
Asked about his feelings on the term “mumble rap“, Rich was equally defiant: “If my fans like it, if the kids like it, whoever this music pertains to — if they like, that’s for them. That’s for that crowd. That’s what art is for. If you don’t like then turn it off, don’t count it in your playlist.”
Watch Rich The Kid’s interview with VladTV below.