LOS ANGELES, CA – Back in 2015, Tom Hanks’ son (no, not the respected actor of acclaimed TV shows like Dexter and “Fargo; the wannabe rapper one) stepped out of bounds like a bad red zone pass with his usage of the n-word. Rather than stop and come back to reality, he did like his father in the Academy Award-winning film Forrest Gump, and just kept running.
Chet Hanks, who goes by the rap name Chet Haze, got so comfortable with the word he even used it to address his one-time friend Scrilla King, who has since dissed the struggle rapper numerous times before he checked into rehab for hitting the Pookie Rock. Scrilla, who is currently in the midst of finishing his new album, First Grade, stopped by #DXLive last week and gave the gang an update on his relationship with his former running partner.
“Fuck that nigga!” Scrilla King said emphatically. “I was nice back then. I felt like I had to hold my tongue, but fuck you. Fuck you man. Real talk Tell ya mama, tell ya sister, tell your brother,” he added.
Scrilla said Haze seemed cool at first but things changed when the celeb spawn began letting his DNA get to his head.
“We did a whole bunch of music together. I put the homie on, we did RiFF RAFF’s show. Sold the whole show out. The show was dope. I always showed [Haze] love and I felt like out of that whole relationship nigga thought I fuckin’ needed him for some reason. Just cause of his entitlement,” Scrilla remembered. In addition to dissing Haze on wax the Haitian MC also offered a chance to settle things the old-fashioned way: In the octagon.
“I emailed him and said ‘10K for a fight’ and he responded. ‘I’m not gonna say nothing to you until you apologize for that treachery.’ [I’m like] muthafucka, can you spell treachery?” Scrilla said with a laugh.
For his final thought on the matter, Scrilla did offer some complimentary words for the patriarch of the family.
“Tom Hanks I love Forrest Gump. Fuck your son.”
Scrilla King also went into detail about his viral VladTV interview (where he says he was tricked into thinking only a portion of his commentary would get aired), the new album and previews some of the new music during his interview with DX Live. Check out the video above and tune in every Thursday from 3-6pm PST.