This week, DX’s Justin Hunte explores the idea of whether or not J. Cole is this generation’s Nas. Elsewhere, Drake and 21 Savage keep the momentum going with their video for “Sneakin'” and J. Cole’s neighbors think he’s selling dope (yup).

J. Cole = Nas of 2016?

Is J. Cole this generation’s Nas without Illmatic? Justin Hunte takes on the notion in this week’s Breakdown and explains why he is. It’s the poor choice of beats, right? Find out why below.

Drake & 21 Savage “Sneakin'” Doing Numbers

Drake and 21 Savage fans love “Sneakin.'” Since the video’s debut, it has held steadily onto the top spot every week for our Top Hip Hop Videos & Singles. That’s like two months of love.

J. Cole’s Single “Neighbors” Addresses Racial Profiling

J. Cole’s “Neighbors” think he’s selling dope. Because he’s black of course. It’s an issue most well-to-do black folks have to deal with when moving into a mostly white, suburban (or gentrified) neighborhood. Either selling crack or a professional athlete. Cole addresses this idea on his single off 4 Your Eyez Only.
But guess what, he really is selling dope, though.
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