Atlanta lyricist Young Thug spewed another mouthful of outrage, this time at those who criticized him after a video of the rapper insulting two black airline workers surfaced online.
In addition to labeling his critics hypocrites, Thugger claimed that the two airline workers in the video caused him to miss out on a $150,000 show.
“If a nigga put a bitch in place for playing games. Y’all try to bash ’em,” Young Thug said in a video he uploaded to social media. “But y’all be the same muthafuckas to upload 15 black girls around this mothafucka fighting. And trying to kill each other with knives and bats and shit. And post a nigga laying cold-blooded that done got shot down in the street on the muthafuckin internet. But try to go to the extreme with the situation I had when a ho made me miss a $150,000 show.”
After attempting to defend himself against his recent batch of critics, Thug offered a few choice words to “fake-ass rappers” while showing off the black marble in his home.
Thugger’s commentary regarding his airport drama then morphed into a brief conversation that tied in the Black Lives Matter movement.
“I don’t respect niggas who say ‘black lives matter’ and don’t do nothing to help black lives … Don’t take a situation about me arguing with these two black pussy-ass hoes for making me miss my money. And try to mix everybody black into it. I wasn’t talkin’ about everybody. I was talkin’ about them,” he said, before outlining all of the people he’d helped since hitting it big.
Earlier this week, Young Thug found himself facing scrutiny by many after he referred to airport staff as “bum-ass hoes” and offered them $15,000 to quit their job when he missed his flight after arriving after the cut-off point to board the airplane.