ATHENS, GA – President-elect Donald Trump has struggled to find artists to play at his Inauguration Ceremony on Friday, but Waka Flocka has taken the level of disrespect to a whole new stratosphere.
When performing in Georgia on Monday night, the 30-year-old rapper noticed a fan holding up a jersey that said “Trump” on it.
At first Waka seemed pretty chill about the political fashion statement, saying: “Hold that shit up bruh. That’s a Trump jersey right? Throw that shit up here.”
“I fuck with him, I fuck with the Trump jersey,” the performer continued, in a ruse to get the fan to pass the jersey forward…
But as soon as Waka Flocka got his hands on the gear, down came his pants. Waka Flocka literally wiped his bare ass with a jersey bearing the name of the guy who’s going to be president in two days. If that doesn’t sum up the relationship between Donald Trump and the Hip Hop community then we’re not sure what does.
The crowd loved the act of rebellion, fist-pumping and cheering Waka Flocka for his unique protest. Luckily, the footage was captured in all its graphic detail: