Gospel singer Kim Burrell’s rant against the gay community isn’t being taken lightly, and the musician has just been handed her first major blow.
Hidden Figures star Janelle Monae revealed that Burrell, who appears on the soundtrack to Hidden Figures, will not be performing her “I See A Victory” record with Pharrell Williams on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
“I don’t think she’s performing. She’s not. She’s not performing,” Janelle Monae said while speaking with TMZ.
Ellen DeGeneres confirmed on Twitter that Burrell will not appear on the show.
The Southern songstress did confirm that both she and Pharrell will “absolutely” still appear on the talk show this week. Janelle then went on to applaud Hidden Figures for “celebrating the often-times uncelebrated.”
“Make sure you guys tune in and watch,” she continues. “And go see the movie January 6. Hidden Figures. About the three African American women, American heroes directly responsible for getting our first astronauts into space. We are so excited about this movie.”
She also let it be known that she’s not here for Burrell or anyone else’s “hate speech.”
“I don’t stand for any hate speech or anything that targets our fellow brothers and sisters in a negative way,” she says.

Janelle also let her lack of tolerance for hate speech be known via social media. She reposted Pharrell’s “I condemn hate speech of any kind” photo and offered her own commentary.
Frank Ocean’s mother, Katonya Breaux, also joined the cry against Burrell’s comments as she posted on Twitter that she asked her son to remove the singer’s appearance from his Blondealbum. Burrell is featured on the cut “Godspeed” and Breaux blasted her for what she deemed “hypocrisy and inciting of hate.” Ocean revealed in 2012 that he is gay.
It’s currently unclear if Pharrell and Burrell’s “I See A Victory” record will remain on theHidden Figures soundtrack.
The backlash facing Burrell comes days after video of the singer condemning “the perverted homosexual spirit” and “the spirit of delusion and confusion” in a speech at Houston’s Love & Liberty Fellowship Church went viral.
According to BBC News, Burrell recently offered an explanation for her past remarks in a Facebook Live video.
“To every person who is dealing with the homosexual spirit, that has it, I love you and God loves you but God hates the sin in you and me,” she said in the post. “Anything that is against the nature of God. I make no excuses or apologies. My love is as pure as it comes.”
Video of Kim Burrell’s rant is below.